Meet Boris



Boris gets his name from the words BOgnor RegIS. A nine year old girl won the competition to name the locomotive with this innovative entry.  Built in 2007 by Alan Keef Ltd in Ross on Wye, Boris is a steam outline locomotive powered by a Perkins Diesel which drives a hydraulic pump which in turn drives the rear axle via a chain.  The rear wheels are connected to the other two axles with driving rods to give the locomotive traction on all six wheels.

Pickle, Doodle and Bumble Around

These three carriages were named by the runners up in the “Name The Locomotive” competition.  All three were also built in 2007 by Alan Keef Ltd  in Ross on Wye and run on four wheeled bogies to give a smooth ride. They are fitted with a twin piped air brake system.  Each has seating for twelve passengers but have been known to carry many more!.


Ryan was inspired by a young paraplegic lad with whom we spent many an hour discussing the difficulties of building a wheelchair access vehicle in such a small gauge.  He won his argument and we took delivery of the vehicle that carries his name in 2008 from Alan Keef of Ross on Wye.  The carriage has a ramp capable of handling all sizes of wheelchairs together with a drop down side panel opposite that allows the wheelchair to rotate outside the closed width of the carriage.  It also carries up to eight other passengers and has glazed side panels to give some protection from wind & rain.  It runs on two four wheeled bogies and is fitted with a twin piped air brake system.  Sadly we have heard that Ryan died in 2010, but at least his memory & inspiration lives on that others may enjoy a ride on the train with their families & friends.

Number 10

This is the Railway’s Engineer’s Wagon used to convey tools and materials such as ballast, rail or sleepers around the park.  Capable of carrying 2 tonnes it can often be seen conveying a diesel generator/welder to assist in repairs.  Designed & built in partnership with Engineering Services of Hordon On The Hill, Essex, we took delivery 17 February 2011.  Pictured here still in it’s coat of primer & awaiting painting.

Pictured below, now in the railway's colours, working for its living with the generator on the back & a load of ballast & tools.

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Bognor Regis

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